Smoke and Fire

June 9, 2011
You know that they say when there's smoke there's fire
but every time that she's with you, you shame her existence
You're not the same person she knew back when you actually meant something to her
For you, she has no respect, she has no obedience...
But you kept her crawling back saying that you'd love her right this time
But when she looked into your eyes somethings wasn't quiet right
and she doesn't know why...
When there's smoke there's a girl hurting inside
when there's fire there's a guy burning her with his lies
She put out the flames your pointed at her, you see
she's turning around and walking away from your disease
when there's smoke there's fire
And it ain't gonna follow me
They say, "Once burned, twice shy"
But she's burned out on your lies
Behind you, she can see you stumbling
But she's not there the help you get back on your feet
Back then you were charming
but now you're just mean
You put down my dreams
Ripped up my beliefs
Took every fiber of my being
Never would you think that this would tear me apart.

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