He Was My Hero

June 9, 2011
By kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
kingtut SILVER, Douglassville, Pennsylvania
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Verse 1.

I have this friend who told me her story of her life.

She let me sing this to you.

Here is her story.

Ever since she was born she got what she wanted a family,

but that all changed when she turned seven.

Her mother died of cancer.

Her world was no more she stepped into a different world.

When she was thirteen her father went off to war

her aunt took care of her then.

After college her father’s best friend came to her and said,

“I’m sorry to tell you this but your father died just yesterday.”

She turned around ran back inside her eyes had non-stop tears. She cried for hours.

Then when the funeral came everyone was there

family, friends, generals, soldiers, and so on.

A general came up to her and said, “Your father was my best soldier no one else like him.”

She said, “Excuse me for me of being rude general, but my father was more than that to me.


You see my mother died when I was seven.

Now my father died in combat.

And now I’m stepping in a new world.

But you all say he’s this and that he’s more than that.

He was the one I looked up to;

he was the one that stood by my side even though he is miles away from home.

But he may be yours but he’s mainly mine.

He was my hero.

He traveled with me to the end.”

Verse 2.

The general said, “That’s not rudeness that’s feelings.”

He bowed and shook her hand and walked away.

As she was packing up her father’s stuff her boyfriend came along and said,

“It’s been a month from your father’s death and you’ve been acting weird. I know I don’t know much about you, but please tell me about your life.”

She just stood there and said,


“My mother died when I was seven.

Now my father died in combat.

I’d stepped in a new world that I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.

But they all say he’s this and that but he’s more than that.

He’s the one that I look up to.

He stood by my side every step I took.

He is not anyone else’s but mine.

He was my hero.

He was my hero to the end.”

Verse 3.

Her boyfriend nodded and said,

“My father is the one that came up to you and told you the news.

Your father said his last words and they were tell my daughter I love her.

I know this maybe not the right time

but I was wondering if you would like to be my wife?”

She said yes.

She and he got married.

But her story will live on forever.

She will always say,

“He was my hero.

He stood with me to the end.

He was my hero only mine.

He was my hero.”

The author's comments:
In this song is based on a young girl's life that lived through a difficult time. But in the end she was happy once again. This could happen to anyone a boy or a girl. Or it could of happened to an adult that lived through something like this. This song is based on those experiences. Even though I never went through that.

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