Hate on me baby.

May 31, 2011
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I saw him the other day didn't know what to say I didn't want to intrude or anything. It was like his name was scrolled in the air like stars floating in mid air it was so hard to comprehend because of his foul sin. I walked up said hello he ignored me like a flying bow so I'm just going to put this out there and say hey yeah

Chorus- Go ahead hate on me baby I'm just gonna live my life and be the way I am. I say go ahead and hate on me say what you need cause Ill ignore it like you were never there. So just get this threw your head yeah go ahead and hate yeah I said hate on me baby.

He was smitten with her again. I felt like my lungs were about to cave in. He was so gorgeous and I was so blah that day. He was talking and smillin and I was just a wishen I was her. But you know what they say? You don't well then HEY!

Chorus- Go ahead and hate on me baby. Because the fire burns the ice and I always get my way yeah I say go ahead and hate on me baby. She might have you but what she don't know is not for long. Because one day you'll see me and say come on and love on me baby. And Ill be like hey I used to hate on you. The girl will stand in star struck and amazement she'll be like where did it all go wrong?

Then he'll know what I've been saying all along! Go ahead and hate on me baby all this time I was waitin for you and you were with her. But now you see that we were meant to be and this life time with you will be a perfect harmony.

Now you see oh la la la la la now you see.

(Whispers at the end) Hate on me.

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