To My Mother

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Something sounds so soft and sweet
Brought in by nothing but deceit
You were the one who showed me how
Fighting those fears drove me down

But those fears that washed ashore
Strained my vision draining me
The voices I here scream stay away
What will I become?
What have I just seen?
Why is this so real?

I hate your hatred
How it sounds when you put me down
I was so abused but it was found amusing
How can you even stand on your own feet?
I don’t understand it
But you’re leaning and feeding off everyone that I see


Believe me when I say you’ve changed me
However it’s agreed that it wasn’t in a good way
Sleepless nights, bloodshot eyes, while I tried to stay inside your guide lines
You were a referee headed out to get me
And finally through the x-ray I could see myself
In a peaceful way

I guess your self aptitude is an illusion
Arranged by your crazy brain
If America arranges itself this way
I’m afraid, of the scene you’ve ceased
So please, stay away my dearest misery
And as I pray god please help me get away
He pushed it back into a pixilated memory
Out of mind and out of sight
He claims is how things work out right

The author's comments:
My mothers not the greatest influence in the world.

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