My Storm

May 28, 2011
By SamiiMarie9411 BRONZE, Syracuse, New York
SamiiMarie9411 BRONZE, Syracuse, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Crying is a symbol of strength failing you, not you failing your strength."

Sitting in the dark,
Reading in the dark.
Typing out my thoughts,
With tears.

The tears become the rain,
The rain becomes a storm.
My thoughts become the
Booming thunder.

Why is my life trying to
Kill me?
Without him can I survive?

Without him my life is
Washed away (washed away).
Waking up in tears does not
Comfort me (comfort me).
I know he hasn't left me
So why do I cry?
Why can't I keep my head held high?!

He's only gone for now,
He'll be back soon.
So I lay in my bed,
In my room.

I'm crying out my eyes,
That is not a big surprise.
The only thing keeping me alive,
Is his love.

Why am I feeling this pain?
This is driving me insane!


I need to hope for this week to pass,
And make these tears,
Evaporate to gas.
This pain without him here
ruins me.
This pain will hurt more if he leaves me
Permanently (Permanently!)


I'm sitting in the dark,
Reading in the dark/
Writing out this song,
With my tears.

My tears become the rain,
My rain becomes the storm.
My thoughts become my own,
Booming thunder.


The author's comments:
My boyfriend left for a week so I couldn't see him. To show how much I missed him, I wrote him this song. He has yet to see it.

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