Secret Little Love Song

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Verse 1
Baby I was too blind to see
Every little thing
That you could have given me.
I wanna tell you
That I love you,
But I know you don't
Feel the same way I do.
Maybe I just can be your friend
That's all I wanna be
Baby I'll pretend.

So this is my
Little secret love song.
Imma keep it on the low
Nobody has to know.
So this is what I'm gonna do
Sing it when I think of you,
And I'll leave it all behind
And pretend that things are fine.
So fine..So fine..So fine
Pretend that things are fine.

Verse 2
See this secret little love song
that I play?
I sing it out loud
On the coldest of days.
Even warm days are gonna seem cold
Cause all the things you did
Man it always got old.
Baby I was down
Always gave you my best,
But you brushed my aside
Hurt the beat in my chest.
Now nothing is right,
So it could never seem wrong.
Putting all this pain
In my secret little love song.


Verse 3
So this is how my love story goes,
The first time we met
My heart just froze.
Didn't know what our love could be
Cause I was too blind to see.
So now I have to
Love you from afar,
You were the one
Yes, you were my star.
Didn't mean to let you slip away.
Now this is all
I have left to say


The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this was my 8th grade crush! We were good friends, but as time went on I guess I began to like him more and more. When I had the guts to say that I like him, he told me he didn't feel the same. He felt that we were just friends, buddies, or pals. Of course I was devastated, but nothing has still changed. We are still great friends, and there's nothing awkward or anything. Just the fact that I still kinda like him.secretly.

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