May 22, 2011
By Letusbelennon BRONZE, Tucson, Florida
Letusbelennon BRONZE, Tucson, Florida
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I have lost you
Now you’re gone
Everything I’ve got
Is wrong

Her mind is racin’
How can this be true?
She can’t believe what he said
Her heart is dead

Smokin’, broken, sitting
In the dark and chokin’
All alone, she’s gonna
She’s gonna lose

Thundering, blundering, sitting
In the dark and wondering
Super glue can’t fix my heart?

The stairs no longer hold her weight
She has to accept her fate
Loving you has cast her wrong
And she will never be so strong

The chair, the wind
They flow together
Can’t show her what they are
Broken things haunt her forever

Breaking, shaking, sitting
In the dark and wakin’
She’s gone
Oh she’s gone
Yes she’s gone on

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