May 20, 2011
By Newt111 BRONZE, Natural Dam, Arkansas
Newt111 BRONZE, Natural Dam, Arkansas
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I am your heart bursting out of your chest

Your nerves tingling with every grueling second
Your worst nightmare, your darkest secret
I am screaming, yelling, no escape

The dreary wind slicing through your spine
Every haunting moment of your life
The sweat falling like rain off your face
All the suspense in your life that crawls around every corner

No good, all bad, everyone goes though it
The haunted house at the corner of the street
The things that pop from out of nowhere
Your thought that you are about to die

Not love, not hate, not happiness nor joy
Everyone goes through it time and time again
Some people don't experience it, but some people lie
The suspense is killing you, you have to guess, I am fear

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