So far, So shattered

May 19, 2011
I looked into your eyes
Oh, and I saw forever.
Now I’m looking at goodbye,
And all I know is this isn’t right.

Oh yeah, I’m standing on the edge.
It feels like I can’t breathe,
I’m losing everything.
Say goodbye to you and me.

[You drive away, so far away.
You’re so far away, so far away.
Guess I wasn’t ready didn’t
Build up for goodbye.
Oh you’re so far away, so far away.]

And I’m standing here, the broken pieces on the floor.
All you did was take, take, I can’t take it anymore.
My heart is broken my love shattered.


You’re so far away,
Don’t go away.
Too far away,
I’ll start to pray.

But why, are you so far away?

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