life long road

May 16, 2011
By Anonymous

growing up didn't notice much
dad left when i was young
mom was there but to high strung to care
moving around never stepping on solid ground
mom got knocked up
9 months later i was feeding my brother from a cup
while mom was in the next room shooting up
the feds came around
snatched the ground from underneath me
i cried the day they took us away
home after home
biding time till my mom got it together
nothing happened but signing papers
feeling like a drone she threw us into a war zone
she ruled my life for so long
no more
its mi life and i only live it once
no more nights staring at the ceiling with memories streaming
the past was a stark depression
the future is unclear
with the weight off my back
my determination to never slack
i will be somebody
i will feel like a king that was once a nobody

The author's comments:
my life in a short version

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