Why there's an Us

April 15, 2011
By gabbkrishan BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
gabbkrishan BRONZE, Oak Ridge, New Jersey
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I’m a little kid at heart,
And sometimes too much of one
And sometimes I can be a little too much to handle,
But I always mean well.
I might be a little crazy,
But I just like to laugh and have a good time.

And then there’s you
Your smile can brighten up any day,
Your laugh is highly infectious
And sometimes you make me a little mad,
But I can never stay mad at you for long.
You love to live out on the limb,
And try new things,
Unlike me.

But somehow,
All of these things balance out.
You take care of the little kid in me,
You make me laugh,
To the point where I can laugh anymore.
You make me want to try new things,
And live a little.
But most importantly,
Your you,
I’m me,
And that’s why there’s,
An us.

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