The War of Shadows

April 14, 2011
Little girl running down the street,
Hiding from the monsters in the shadows.
Run! Run Run!
With your dreams dead,
With your life in ashes,
As she runs, they come closer,
As she runs, they’re at her ankles,
Turn and fight!
The little boy,
Brave, strong…
Left behind,
In what was a broken home.
Run run!
Run from what you cannot see,
Run run!
From what’s right behind you,
Turn and fight for the weak.
Turn and fight for the blind, the deaf!
Turn and fight for the lost!
As the dead soldiers are left behind,
Never to see sunshine again.
Little girl, sing and fight,
Sing and fight!
Little boy, grasp reality,
Grasp reality!
And you will see the sunshine that has forsaken them all.
Brave and strong left behind,
From those who did them wrong.
With broken hearts and scarred hands!
They will fight,
And be the ones,
Who wield the power!
Of life and liberty.

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