This Girl

May 12, 2011
This girl drives me wild makes me hyper like a child
Whenever she around you know there gonna be a smile
I love her so much we embrace in every touch
Always on my mind I can’t even eat my lunch
Starin at her eyes I see the beauty of the sky
My heart lift off and through those skies it’ll fly
And when we spendin time, I hate to see her leave
Cuzz every moment with her is a moment I’m at peace
If our love was a car I would pay it like a lease
Wash it every day and drive it careful in the streets
Next time I see her I’ll kiss her on the cheeks
Caress that lovely body as my knees get weak
I know this aint a fling, se lingers in my dreams
Makes me wanna scream! Tears of joy is what this girl brings

So you say you got a girl man that aint nothing
The girl that I got make my heart start thumpin
She got the prettiest smile that I’ve ever seen
I tell her all the time that I’m livin a dream
I’ve fallin in love and that’s where I’m at
Aint afraid to admit it never taking it back
Is this girl real? Or is she in my dreams
Will I ever meet her or will her image cease?
I don’t really know but I want her to be….. A reality

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