Open Your Eyes

April 6, 2011
useless thoughts fill my mind
but i got ‘em tricked
with that shine in my eye
i stand tall but with a paper thin spine
my voice booms but its weak
i got ‘em fooled

i hide my face with a mask
i hide my feelings
with actin’ like i have none
i don’t want ‘em to see that i’m confused
i don’t want ‘em to see i’m weak
i gotta break it
i gotta let ‘em know
but i can’t
cause i’m stuck
i gotta instigate my way outta this s***
i gotta crawl into the corner where i hide
when it goes wrong
i gotta f*** it up a little more
before i can sleep tonight
‘cause i ain’t happy
and i’m cool with that
‘cause everybody’s gotta know
if i make it to tomorrow
how amazin’
that’ll be
‘cause i’m goin’ outta my f***ing mind
can’t stop me now
open up your god d*** eyes
see what’s in front of you for once
i’m fallin’ apart
lying to your face
sayin’ i’m okay
when i’m dyin’ inside
open your eyes

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