Runaway's Lullaby

May 18, 2011
By toomanysecrets. GOLD, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
toomanysecrets. GOLD, Downingtown, Pennsylvania
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"I look in the mirror and my heart just sinks, people may think differently, but you see, they just *think*."
"There's a stranger in my mirror."

This silence is killing me.
My family is laughing downstairs, happy.
Why can't I do that as well?
Instead I sit in my room and hide in my shell.
I wish we just could get along, see eye to eye;
But no, I just sit here and cry.
Wonder what they'd do if I left,
Someday, perhaps I'll do a test;
Would they come looking for this worthless runaway?
Would it be out of love...or guilt? Will I find out today?
Down I fall, further away from them all,
Down, down,down I fall
Deeper into the runaway's lullaby...

Hush, little child
Don't you cry
Soon you'll be away
From your family's lies

You sit in your room
All alone
Even though
Everybody's home

You feel that they just
Don't understand
They don't care
They won't hold your hand

Every time you talk to them
It ends up in a stupid fight
So you crawl back upstairs
And cry all alone at night

So you just
Pack your bags
Run out the door
As fast as you can

Now your on,
Your on your own
Is that what you wanted?
To be forever alone?

Now you're tired
And you're sick
Just because
You fell too quick

You fell to quick
In a rhyme
You fell to quick
Into the lullaby

The author's comments:
We all get sick of our family.
The top part is the normal poem, the spaced poem is the lullaby, which I say/sing to the tune of the lullaby. Just FYI.

Basically, if he didn't figure it out, the message is don't runaway. People fall in love with the idea of having no parents, but it never works out in the end.

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