You're Mine

May 11, 2011
By Anonymous

My heart sounds like its saying your name
It seems like my heart is trying to make me think of you
Every time your name is mentioned I go into a frenzy
Life with you is like an endless roller coaster
It gets better with time and its a great ride that never gets old
When I get up receptively every morning,
My day goes by really slow until I see your face
I am almost dead inside until you are in my arms again
You are the one thing that makes me want to stay alive
Even though you are not mine... yet,
We are still together in our minds
Your the one I here for,
Always will be and you know that
You are cute,
Every thing i have ever wanted in a person,
Your perfect in every way possible in my eyes
You make me want to be a way better person then I am
You think I am beautiful when others think I am ugly
You are amazing but you think your not worth anything
Baby, Your my one and only
And my baby
Even though you aren’t really

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