Stop This (No More)

May 9, 2011
By Shoutout22 BRONZE, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
Shoutout22 BRONZE, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania
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They don’t want this anymore
Just because they are poor
Doesn’t mean they have to take this torture
Just because the one is a nerd
Doesn’t mean they can’t be heard
So just stop this
Cuz they don’t need this
And they don’t want this
So just stop this
I will gladly be leader of a one man band
And I will gladly be the one to make a frickin stand
Kids kill themselves every single day
Because of what other people have to say
And I can not sit back and shake my head
Cuz I don’t want another frickin kid to end up dead
I am sick of all this
I promise
To try and put it to an end
From a friend
To one that took his life
He was all good until that knife
He put to his wrist
Because some kid couldn’t resist
To pick on him till he couldn’t breath
I couldn’t believe
When I heard the news
I so badly wanted to refuse
But that did nothing to help
Nope not even a yelp
As I cried silently
I knew he was so lively
When he died he was thirteen
Imagine the things he could of seen
If that kid would of walked away
On that fateful day back in may
Pre-Chorus & Chorus
After that I looked up bullying
And seen how many deaths I couldn’t help but closing
My eyes for a few seconds
Seeing the thousands
Of deaths from a single cause
Seeing the flaws
They allow bullying as if it was good
Their not living their full childhood
These kids have had enough
Of all this stuff
Many have tried
And thousands have died
Billions have cried
And millions have lied
They’ve been saying that it’s ok
But they didn’t live to see the next day
The parents went to wake her up for the bus
And she isn’t alive for this next chorus
Just please people stop this once and for all

The author's comments:
this song i wrote because of my recently deceased friend, and i just wanted to stop this bullying once and for all

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