when a flower leaf falls

May 1, 2011
By jacobdoubblejj BRONZE, Orange City Iowa, Iowa
jacobdoubblejj BRONZE, Orange City Iowa, Iowa
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i love exersizing and writing and singing songs all i just wana be is like my big bro all my famaly wrote music so im gona do it to and try to be somone

every time a flower falles a heart breaks every season falles a love falles she mine and i dont want her to go i dont wana have a heart broken or my heart broke i see her in my shadow in my rose i look back of me and she talkin in my back the flower dont break but a leaf falles and its been going and going she aint taking my love she just taking my money she beautiful and i want her back or my back will be stabbed it seems like the rose will fall in the water thier is no love and when my love is lost my heart is broken and i fall down and cry till the time my life is lost and when my life is lost i back down when i had the power but power aint my life she my life and he took it form me well u gota be good or be good at it i say f*** wat they say im high as the king so if you want me in a cage il rather come out and be nocked out so u could ceep noking me out but never nock me out but it dont hurt me no more u have no love and wat comes around goes around and u nock me down and i nock you down so no love i dont need you no more im alive again i have never been so alive and im not dead or deaph i can hear wat u say im fee if i can join them then il just beat them so weirs my homies when i need them my life is lost my love is lost so rather kill my self but my heart is still standing strong so it aint cool if u just push them down just remember i got their back never take them down u better say your sorry now or u show me nothing but hate but u better say somting casue wat comes around goes around

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i put a lot of emotion in this that i like about some like love in it kinda

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