Please Don't

April 30, 2011
By PrettyLittleDarling SILVER, Taylorsville, Kentucky
PrettyLittleDarling SILVER, Taylorsville, Kentucky
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Please don't make me love you.
Please don't make me need you.
Please don't take my life away again.
Please don't send me to the darkness, I will surely fall.
Please don't make me want you to call my name.

Please don't make my heart beat, at a faster rate than normally
Please don't make me cry and beg for your touch.
Please don't make me want to talk to you.
Please don't make me fall for you.
Please don't make me want to hear your voice.

Please don't toy with my heart.
I've been stabbed by your darts.
And I'm not sure how much more I can take.
Please don't make me look at you, see your face in fear.
Please don't make me shed blood red tears.

Please don't put me back together, just to bring me down, though I'm sure you wouldn't have any doubts.
Please don't take me by the hand.
Please don't try to be a man.
Stand strong and accept me for who I am.
Please don't turn me into something, that we both know I'm not.
Please don't make me say this a lot...

But I want you and i always will.
while you stand watching my pain in thrill.
I don't see why you keep torturing me this way.
You have plenty of others. Who are very willing, to play the game you play with me...

Please don't make me dress in white,
Walk the aisle in fright.
Please don't make me say I do.
Please don't make me say... I love you.

The author's comments:
so this was one of my first mature pieces of writing it was very personal. it was a time in my life when i was going through a dark period of alone time so comment like add to favorites just tell me what you think.

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