Forget About Me

May 6, 2011
By L.Shiplett SILVER, Mebane, North Carolina
L.Shiplett SILVER, Mebane, North Carolina
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V1: I'm layin in bed on a friday night
Just layin there, not feeling right
Something telling me I've got things to do
Except just lie here
And think of you
Wondering what you're doing, where you are
Are you at home or are you in your car
My mind can't help but wonder
But I bet my lucky star

Chs: You're out dancing like crazy
With her by your side
You're laughing, calling her baby
Cause you know you pay no mind
All I ask is please,
Don't forget about me
You're taking her hand
Kissing under the moon
and it doesn't seem like soon that you will
Forget about me

V2: I bet you're out having the time of your life
I knew loving you would end in strife
But it was my mistake, something I had to do
And the consequence is watching you, watching you...

(Repeat Chorus)

B: And Now I'm putting on my blue jeans
Putting on my coat, and grabbing the car keys
Cause baby it's true
if you forget about me
I'll forget about YOU
Now I'm

Chorus 2: Out dancing like crazy
with a new man by my side
He's laughing calling me baby
Don't you wish you paid some mind?
Now you're begging please
Don't forget about me
I'm finally taking a stand
I'm done playing the fool
It's time for me
To forget about YOU.

The author's comments:
This song is about coming to the realization that someone you used to love has moved on, and deciding to move on as well.

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undone said...
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undone, Dfhfhjgtyiuj, Wyoming
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this song is amazing!!! good job

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