May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

We sit here today and look at each other and the changes upon us. We have all gotten threw many changes our 8th grade year at Sonoran Trails Middle School. This year and last were different in so many ways. Desert Arroyo was shut down due to the money it costed for the school district. We had to unify as one school together. I remember having to try-out for the Stinger cheer team in the end of 7th grade being so scared to have competition with the DAMS girls, after making it made me get really excited for summer to end and to start a great year after all. I didn’t think the school would ever bond until cheer began.

There has been so many reasons why this year was the best of all. Making all new friends, becoming one school together and bonding, being in the best block for Ms. Warner’s class ( 2nd block all the way). In 2nd block we would have competitions with the two most competitive teachers at Sonoran Trails, Ms. Warner and Ms. Kratzke, so far it’s a tie 1-1!
Every other Friday we would have a competition between all the teams at STMS like wearing a sports team, hippie day, team color shirt, and etc. Even Osama Bin LadThere has been many changes to the world also floods, tornados, fires, and hurricanes. He was killed on Friday, April 29th, 2011.

We have all been threw drama and losts this year but we have finally got threw those past three years in middle school. We are now moving on with our life’s to the future when we have to think what we will be when we grow up and things like that. Next year best friends will be separated from going to different high schools. Making new friends is what high school is though.

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