Am i ready to let you go?

April 24, 2011
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Maybe one day
this will all end
all my pain will go away
and I will learn how to mend

I can't fix the pain
but i can try to rearrange
that we couldn’t exchange
the words you left
are written on this page
figuring out what we did and how we changed?

you say you miss me
you say you care
but every time
your here
it fells like your not there

we take it out on each other
we can't even start or even bother
I’m hurting inside
crying each night
to hold you in my arms
to here you say those three words

but even that can't fix the pain
there’s only one thing that we can't arrange
my love for you
I will exchange
but for now
I’m writing my feeling on this blank page

trying to lift the pen
is harder
even when I say when
trying to think about those times
is easier than writing then on these lines

your picture frame
I will keep
just so I can remember
what we use to be

stuck in the middle of yes and no
it's even harder when I try to let go
the memories come back
as I try to stay steady
but my heart just won't mend
I’m still not ready

I’m not capable of loving another
and I’m not capable of opening my heart
I’ll close it for now
but keep my heart open
so when the time comes
I’ll be hoping
for that perfect man to sweep me off my feet
give me what i deserve
and appreciate me!

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