Lost Chances

April 4, 2011
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Your smile haunts my memory
You were the only one who completely understood me
It’s such a shame; we could’ve been more than friends
But I was too afraid to love you like that
Wherever you are in the world tonight
I bet you know I hope your life is going right

And I taught you how to dance with me in the rain
You memorized every little etch on my face
You helped to ease my blindness, see the world in a whole new way
It’s so sad…I never got the chance to say
I love you

Taking a leap of faith is oftentimes the way to go
It’s too bad we were both naïve and didn’t know
You never held my hand or kissed me in some special way
But your eyes said everything we could not explain
At fourteen, starting high school together, the beginning of everything
Looking for love in all the wrong places


When you hear me on the radio someday
I hope you know that rags to riches doesn’t mean a thing
When I find the courage to find you one day
I hope we will learn, trust, and say:

I remember teaching you how to dance in the rain
Do you still think about me every day?
You eased my tension, taught me how to fly
It’s a shame it took me this long to realize…


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