April 4, 2011
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Love me, love me—those sweet words come from your lips
The whole crowd erupts and my fantasy ends
Kiss me, kiss me—I’m caught up in some silly daydream
That’ll never come true; you don’t know me, but I know you
You clap your hands in time to the beat
You got every desperate girl weeping at your feet
Oh, how I wish you could see me

You’re so perfectly complicated
Oh, baby, you’re way too overrated
You’re up on that stage singing a song
And everybody here is singing along
You say you’re waiting for the right girl
Well, every girl in the world is at your show
So, take your pick, and if you look at me
I promise you won’t be sorry

So the song continues on
You sing a story about an incredible love
Romeo and Juliet
You be the prince and I’ll be the princess
You stop and scan the crowd
Searching for something that may never be found
My heart skips a beat
When you finally look at me
Do you see this girl with the blond hair?
Do you know how much she really cares
About a faraway crush?
It’s beginning to be too much


You keep singing your songs
You keep hanging on to where you belong
But, when it’s time to say goodbye
There are tears in your eyes

You say…
She’s gotta be perfectly complicated
I know I’m so overrated
I’m known for singing all these songs
And everybody here sings along
I keep waiting for the right girl
But, every girl in the world is at my show
I can take my pick
But none of you know me yet…


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