April 22, 2011
By Anonymous

The story I wish to tell is a hard one,
And I only ask that you pause to listen
To my rant of meaningless nonsense
For a moment or two, then I will begone.
Now, in my life, I have lived many lies and
I know how hard it is to begin telling the truth
Especially when no one seems to want to hear...

But the one thing I don’t quite understand is why
Why must I be pushed aside like a broken doll
And why I have to be the one who stays behind
To watch all the others move on without me.
Oh, the pain they can only imagine that seethes
Beneath my icy skin, tearing and burning everywhere
Yet to let go of the terror I held back to protect them
My friends and ermines alike, the torture I pushed myself
To undergo when they only laughed at me and scorned me.

I pray that one day they will see what I did for them
And thank me for holding on after they let go and for
Standing up for what I believed in without help from anyone
Full of pride and so cocky I could have fallen and cared littlie.
The price demanded has been paid and I will stand alone
On the top of my perch where my ancestors stand now
Aye, they will welcome me with open arms and love me
Like I said I would to others of my kind, my faith grows weak.

I have little to say to you, my beautiful disease
When you lie on the platform and wish I had stayed
I will have gone on to reign over your life and dreams
The nights that assault your vulgar, perverted sleep.
Oh yes, you will soon feel the hurt I went through
To make sure you had everything you needed
Even though you never said a word, I knew
Knew you were going to screw up and I took the blame.

Did you really think I'd let it all go, that I'd forget you left
And that you took everything you could when I was lost
But gave nothing back when your time came, silly boy
I am the reason you breath and I will be why you stop.
Ha! To think you had control of me, your friend
You never thought I would turn around and betray you like that
Or were you just surprised I went that far with our games?

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