Shy Boy

April 22, 2011
Been hurt for a while and I,
Can’t seem to get my heart working right.
That’s when you stepped into the light.

Always saw you just as a good friend,
Been there for me always to the end.
And now I see you standing there.

Next to me.
Close to me.
I shut my eyes and I can see,
A future for just you and me.
All you need to do is dream.

But you don’t know,
I say I’ll show,
You a good time; just let go.
Hold your breath if you have to.
Come with me and,

You will be my shy boy.
Soon to be my boy.
Close your eyes and hold on tight
I know that we can make it right.
Shy, shy, shy boy. You will be mine, boy.
Just jump right in and take my hand,
And the magic will soon begin.

We’ve known each other for a while,
You’ve seen me cry and you’ve seen me smile.
Come on boy, come a little closer.

One step, flirt.
Two steps, date.
Open up, we’re on our way.
All you need is to believe,
Give me a chance and soon you’ll see that,

I can be,
More than just,
The girl you never saw as much.
More than just another friend,
I’ll stand by you when,

You are my shy boy.
You will be mine, boy.
Jump right in and hold on tight,
You know that I can make it right.
Shy, shy, shy boy, soon you will be mine, boy.
Throw those cautions to the wind,
The magic never has to end.

I know you’re worried about the silliest of things, boy,
I know you can’t seem to grasp this perfect thing, boy,
But I’m gonna tell you right now it’ll work, boy,
And I’m right boy. Admit it now boy.
Come on, boy!

And when you realize,
That I was right.
Don’t worry my shy boy,
You will still have time.

Cause you’re my shy boy.
Only eyes for you, boy.
I love that style and I love that walk,
I ask dumb questions just to hear you talk.
Stay, stay, stay boy; say you'll stay, my boy.
1-2-3-4, fall in love!
And that will be just enough for us boy.

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