A Bird's Eye View

April 28, 2011
By SleepyD BRONZE, Whitefish, Montana
SleepyD BRONZE, Whitefish, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
Every day has potential to be the greatest day.

You’re an individual, and everything you do is great,
Everything that you create, opens up a new gate
Elevates the mind state, allows you to levitate,
Eliminates hate… with harmony as bait,
Creativity… Individuality…
Take a step back get a grip on reality…

Been down in the ditches and dealt with fakeness,
Now I stand upon mountains and embrace the greatness,
I paint a Van Gogh and let it all flow,
Don’t let it all go, though I let them all know,
Wait till the winds blow, then I let it all show,
Unstoppable flow… I’m Sleepy D bro,
And we all know the way you acts a facade,
So get your act straight show some class in-front god,
See I used to be fake, but now I’m just me
Used to care what you think, now I do my own thing,
Used to be about you, now it’s me when I sing,
Now the crowd gets loud when I step in the ring…

Spit hope from my lips and make the crowd do back-flips,
Inspiration, happiness and fat zips,
Strip down the necessities of life,
A happy family, friends and a wife,

Hope under the microscope spreads in many ways,
Like sun rays dropping down on beautiful days,
And life just goes on for days and days,
And days turn to months, and months turn to decades,
Memories cascade, a rightouse crusade,
Your past is portrayed, displayed in patches,
Afraid of the darkness, strike the matches,
Serenade in the sights the naked eye catches,
A cure for depression… made infinite batches,
A reason for living now the puzzle attaches…
Found a hole in the fence to explore now it makes sense,
You can’t face life with a false pretense,
And though it goes against everything I was taught…
Honestly I’m not happy looking at what I got…
Does that mean I’m not happy? Hell naw,
I love life, go and tell that to Kai Straw,
You just saw, Sleepy D did it,
And if I want something in life, I’ll go get it,
Don’t kid yourselves kids, you’re going nowhere sitting,
So listen up, get your a** up and go get some…

I come from the sun, inside hold the element,
I was heaven sent to represent intelligence,
It’s irrelevance, the essence is my preference,
Put it in a sentence; use it later as a reference.

A reference point, for where I drift off…
Three, Two, One… and we have lift off…

The author's comments:
A piece about having an open mind towards life, appreciating art and creativity as well as the inspirations of those around you, while keeping life in a healthy balance.

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