Love Song

April 27, 2011
By Lil_Trixta29 BRONZE, Purvis, Mississippi
Lil_Trixta29 BRONZE, Purvis, Mississippi
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You can never achieve victory if victory is not present.

Love is a deep affection for the person that you love
I felt love so many times that I have seen flying doves
People say that I need to save love for marriage
The road was too long for the weight that I have carried
But I will still love you either way it goes
You can’t buy love in any of the stores
Love is when you give God your deepest satisfaction
The things that I learn I will put them into action
My love is something you can’t tame
My love will achieve total victory and fame
And I will make sure you remember my name
My name will be in the books for my love
Just because I didn’t push or shove
I’m rapping acapella to this beat to which I listen
But wait my love just has one statement
I once was in love with this girl named Jerrica
I hardly got to see her but I always saw the best of her
We would always text each other on our phone
One predicament and now she is gone
But I still love her no matter what
My love is so extreme like an extreme stunt
Love is what my life is
And it is better than being in show biz
My love is like an energizer bunny
It will keep going until the sky is sunny

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