Everlasting Life

April 30, 2011
I was weary, I was lost
Days' shadow hosted my heart
In my heartache I had thought
Is there no hiding place or sheltering rock?
In the dark was I and in bondage I cried out for hope
I was empty, I was dry
What could quench this thirst of mine
So cold, so blind and drowning I cried out for life
Each day tighter chains
Wounds and tears- secret pain
Lifeless, starved soul
Trying to find something to hold
'Til I heard words of life
Jesus Christ was crucified and raised again
Giving hope for me to have life in Him
If I believed, so upon my knees I prayed
Save me, oh Lord save me
For I hunger in my soul
Bread of Life make me whole
Oh save me!
Now the Lord is always with me and holds me ever near
He helps me through my trials; I've
got nothing now to fear
Oh nothing now to fear!
'Cuz now I'm alive and I know that when I die
I'll breathe the breath of everlasting life
And now I have hope, there is joy in my soul
For I'll breathe the breath of everlasting life
Yes I'll breathe the breath of everlasting life
Breathe the breath of everlasting life

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lock said...
May 27, 2011 at 6:47 pm
This is really good! You really have a marvelous way with words. :)
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