April 4, 2011
I shouldn't have listened,
Iknow that now.
I shouldn't have listened,
But I didn't know how.

After all these years of being faithful to my mother,
I couldn't just look the other way.
Now I have come to regret the only decision in my life,
and I face it day after day.

I can't love quite as powerfully,
or laugh as much as before.
As depression scratches the surface,
And my tear have run down to the core.

Maybe it was just teenage love,
But I just can't see it as such.
It was pure and wonderful and fragile and right,
and now I miss it so much!

I miss the way you held me
and the way your hand fit mine.
It was your funniness that caught me,
And our "I love yous" that are making me die.

I know I've let you down,
And I know that I deserve it.
I love you so very much,
And now I have to get though it!!

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