Food For the Animals

April 20, 2011
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All alone in the moonlight forest
Trying to find the last sense of courage
Feeling regret inside my soul
They were the best thing I had to let go of
Talking together
More than they ever did with me
I said I would love them forever
But now I see

Stand by and watch them go
Take all of my anger out on the wall
My hand breaks and starts to bleed
The vultures come and start to feed
The moon shines above my face
If I followed the light I could’ve found the right way
It’s too late to see
That I’m not road kill
I’m not something you eat
I’m not animal feed (2x)

Walking low
At the waterfall
Enjoying the sunset
Pretending the rocks are your bed
Arm around arm
Hand in hand
Watching becomes hard
I wish I took the love
When I had the chance
Before you burned my heart in the grasslands

Chorus (1x)

You replaced me
I’m so alone
Why did I never see
That you never called my phone
Took the match
And burned my face
Now it’s all charred away
I’m no memory now
I’m gone
Forever lost in the ground

Chorus (1x)

But you still ate me
But you guys aren’t animals baby

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