April 18, 2011
By WorshipDancer900 BRONZE, Oakdale, Pennsylvania
WorshipDancer900 BRONZE, Oakdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"If you keep things in the shadows, then how can they be tested by the light of truth?"

Verse 1:
Day after day
trying to hide
holding the hurt
deep down inside

Outside a stone
But drowning within
She wants to find healing
But doesn't know where to begin.

Pre-Chorus: Her heart is drowning in an ocean of tears unshed,
leaving her to be swallowed by the sorrowful depths.

Chorus 1:
Release the river
cast off the stone.
There is a healing
when you let it all flow.
Let go of the pain
don't let it drown you within.
Find your freedom in learning to live
And release...release the pain.

Verse 2:

Don't know the way
how to get by?
She doesn't know that
crying isn't a crime.

Feeling alone
but doesn't want to forget
the one in her life
that was taken away.

Pre-Chorus 2: She doesn't know there is release in the tears.
And that when they come falling that I will be there.

Chorus 1

Come my dear child
don't hold back the pain
let it all out and
release it again.

Then stay at my side
look beyond the sorrow,
You will see hope when I show you tomorrow.


You released the river
and cast off the stone.
You found there is healing
in letting it flow.
You let go of the pain
you're not drowning within.
You found your freedom is
learning to live...

Release the river
let my comfort flow through
I'll give you a peace beyond
what you ever knew
Hold tight to me
I'll carry you through
And I'll bring you home with me
when you finish what you're called to.

Fading out with music:
My timing is perfect, though it might seem too soon,
I had greater plans beyond what you knew
Release....oh....release it all...

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