April 16, 2011
By discodave348 PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
discodave348 PLATINUM, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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"wash your winky"

I'm p***** at the world,
Scream f*** the world,
I'm steamed at the world,
So I turn off the burners,
Start up the turners,
And turn my life around,
Flip it upside down
I'm flippin inside now!
Outside out And inside down,
Lay down on the ground,
And wait to be found,
Found or not I'm lost,
hidden from the world,
Once shy twice bitten,
3 times hittin,
I'm hit so I'm sittin,
On my a** flippin,
Some coin rippin,
The paper I writ and,
wrote and I choke it,
Til the words blow it,
Til someone smokes it,
Til I die ima throw it!
In ya d*** face And show it!
And you ya d*** place,
And ya know it,
So you hide away,
Well ima bite away,
Cuz your suckin away,
Leeches f***** go away

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