April 16, 2011
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I love your life,
Really? I hate mine,
Why? did you watch murder at the age of nine?
Did you grow up hearing ima tan your hind?
How about ima shoot you between the eyes?
The s*** you speak when you've had it nice,
You could be an african hoping for a grain of rice,
What the f*** you been through?
Didn't get the bike I wanted when I was barely two,
Alright somebody needs to slap you,
You don't get it do you?
The things that people been through,
The things I spit is the truth too,
Work is something alotta people actually do,
To provide for their family,
So look at them and look at me

You think you got it bad,
Take a look at the life I had,
I grew up with drugs right around the corner,
Rich people at school but I was poorer,
Got beat up and messed with in the corridor,
No escape from this mother f***** horror,
My life is rated R,
Its explicit,
Gang fights and gang rape,
I can't say that I miss it,
I remember one day stayin up late,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
My cousin poppin pills right off a d*** plate,
I tell him stop but he keeps goin anyways,
He looks at me with eyes of hate,
And he says "what do you want!",
And I'm just thinkin "oh great now he's gonna beat me"
*screams* see?
My life was never even remotely good,
Because I was raised in the worst part of the hood,
I was raised around hoodlums and gangsters,
People like al capone and mother f***** wanksters,
The blood and the crip,
That's right I know both sides of the tale,
Both gangs beat me up and gave me hell,
And my momma said "oh oh well,
Time for the turtle to get back in his shell"

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starsinthesky said...
May 19, 2011 at 7:57 pm
wow! this is so deep. it gives you a lot of perspective and shows you that even though you think you have got it bad, someone else has it worse.
discodave348 replied...
May 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm
thanks for the constructive comment :)
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