Merry Christmas

April 16, 2011
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What's it called when your hungry but can't eat,
What's it called when your tired but can't sleep,
When your so tired and so weak,
When your life is so dismal and so bleak,
You get the razorblade and your wrists bleed,
Your arms wet and the blood seeps,
And you go crazy and havic's wreaked,
And your sad cuz I've wrecked your week,
Last I checked I slapped the shrink,
And told him I was the bigger man,
So he shrunk down,
To the size of a tin can,
And he piped down,
So I piped up like mario,
And we tied up like hostages,
Linked together like sausages,
And then a cop says I've offended him,
I write him a nice letter and send it in,
Then scream f*** you and flip him the bird,
As I swerve offa the curb,
Back to my house which is covered in dirt,
Cuz I built myself from the ground up,
And now my tower reaches the sky,
Shoot for the moon,
But I'm already this high,
Well shoot further,
But I can't fly,
So what?
At least give it a try,
So I do it and as I'm fallin down,
I realize that what I wanted was in front of my eyes,
So I sped up,
And then I died,
Haha did my story make ya cry?
Tears beginnin to from at the base a' ya' eye?
Well here's somethin, santa's a lie!
Merry christmas

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