Song of Silence

April 3, 2011
By AnnabelLee SILVER, Ossipee, New Hampshire
AnnabelLee SILVER, Ossipee, New Hampshire
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Someday I will find a way

To sing a song of silence.

To describe the broken moment

Inside the heat of violence.

Somewhere there's a sentiment

That shows the truth of heartbreak,

The beauty of the tragedy

When you've had more than you can take.

Sometimes when I'm on my knees

In the silence of the sound,

I can hear the whispers of the words

That language hasn't found.

Somehow these small, hidden truths

Will one day be conveyed,

The emotions will be captured,

And their images displayed.

Someone will finally figure out

What no one can yet see.

If I listen hard enough,

Perhaps it could be me.

The author's comments:
This is a poem about the need for expression, and the hidden language that escapes us all.

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