Alfo's Plea

April 18, 2011
By TheRebik SILVER, Haworth, Oklahoma
TheRebik SILVER, Haworth, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
Its what you do that counts

I have something to tell;
I have something to say.
Don't worry about me;
I'll be okay.

Sometimes we have tempers;
And through them we hit.
No it's not a bruise;
Just a gian zit.

I just fall down;
And hurt my arm.
It's not that he pushed me;
He meant me no harm.

I am so tired;
it's hard to sleep.
'Cuz the T.V.'s so loud;
and it makes me weep.

Sometimes I fight them;
I try to say, "No".
Sometimes I bleed;
For reasons you know.

Maybe I am stupid;
A stupid young boy.
They say they hate me;
Because I'm so coy.

Please don't judge me;
don't worry my strife.
Because like my scars;
it heals with life.

Thank you for listening;
for being so kind.
I know you'll help me;
Deep in your mind.

For me, I want hope;
I want you to pray.
I'll be alright;
somehow some way.

I just need help;
I just need a friend.
Because thanks to you;
my wounds shall mend.

The author's comments:
This is a true story for abused children, not an autobiography

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