Because I Love You

April 11, 2011
By Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
Bombboy SILVER, Wheaton, Illinois
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"I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now, and live in it forever." (Catching Fire, Collins)

GIRL-I wonder where you are now,
Lost;Dead;or Alive;I can't tell,
Knowing that my days are limited,
I have to keep going; to find you,

BOY-All this time I wasn't at your side,
To keep you alive,
I won't hurt you; because I love you,
So please don't hurt me,
I love you,
GIRL-I know what you think,
BOY-I need to know,
GIRL-I need you now,
BOY-I need your strength,
BOTH-So I can protect you from harm, (harmonize)
BOY-Because I love you,

GIRL-When I see your face,
BOY-I know that I'm safe,
I know that you and me will fly away, (GIRL-Sleeping)
GIRL-As I lay; I think of you,
BOY-Because you don't know If you love me,

GIRL-You talk about me when you sleep,
BOY-You lay there with a smile on your face,
GIRL-I know I need you; Here with me,
BOY-I helped you stay alive; When I almost died,
GIRL-Because you love me, (BOY-Because I love you,)

(x2)GIRL-I might be confused;might not,
BOY-Because you want to keep me alive,
GIRL-And I don't know why; I just met you,
BOY-But I know you,
BOTH-But I know now; that I have you,
BOY-Because I love you,

BOTH-(last line hold and harmonize)And together we will fly away,
GIRL-Fly Away.

The author's comments:
This is a song that I was inspired by. The thing I was inspired by was from a book. the book was called THE HUNGER GAMES. and I really got me thinking and then before I knew it I was writing a duet meant for the 2 main characters KATNISS EVERDEEN and PEETA MELLARK, and I really want to express how they felt because that happened to me. I am in love with a person before they knew I am in love with her. Katniss is kind of like the girl I like and I am Peeta the boy who likes her. I just want her to know how I feel about her and I don't know what to do, she has a boyfriend and I am really good friends with her also. and I don't want to damage the friendship I have with her. So this is what I did I wrote a song and I am going to show it to her. This book and girl inspired me to write this Duet.

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