My Promise to You

April 1, 2011
By shoopshoop3713 GOLD, Litchfield, New Hampshire
shoopshoop3713 GOLD, Litchfield, New Hampshire
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This is the promise
I’ll make to you
to do everything
that I can do
to be your blanket
when you’re cold,
your shoulder to lean on,
your hand to hold.

And you should know
That I will as well
Love you more than
I know how to tell,
And I will protect
The bond we share
Because I don’t want to live
If you won’t be there.

So this is my vow
To stand by your side
From this moment
Till the moment I die,
And even in death,
We will not part,
For I’ll stay forever
Within your heart.

And so I’ll keep
This promise to you,
Because I know you’d do
the same for me too.

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