Liar, liar

April 1, 2011
Well, it shouldn’t surprise me that we’re here right now.
I want to believe it, but I don’t know how
You can say that you’ve always cared
About me when you’ve never been there.

Well, why would I think that you’d be on my side?
You don’t know me ‘cause you’ve never tried.
There was never any danger
‘cause, hey, who cares about a stranger?

Liar, liar, fuel that fire.
Fill me with rage and her desire.
One day you’ll be out of control.
She will realize; you’ll be alone,
So I suggest you change your ways.
It’ll get back to you one of these days.

Well, now I guess if I left this place today
You’d be better off without me anyway.
Hope she sees the evil in you
Before she goes through what I went through.


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