Have A Nice Day

March 25, 2011
Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Baby you were light and joy but you crushed my world because you are with another chick plus she is my friend so. What did I do that was so wrong to you? I know that I wouldn’t do anything to you make you sad but you don’t tell me what is wrong with you.

You call me baby I call you sugar daddy but we don’t say those things any more. Come on baby say something say something to me heart hurts like a tiger we’ve had our ups we downs. I start to cry I start to scream at you don’t go because what will I do.

Tell me that when Valentine's Day comes. I say happy Valentine's Day you don’t say anything I don’t know what to do with you any more! I brought you a phone, car, and laptop I feel like nobody pick me in kick ball games you just look right through me.

An then when your birthday comes you are with this other chick you smile so I say lol smiley face. Have a nice day so pop pop pop that’s right and stop stop stop just leave me alone or I’ll get nick and you say everything is going to be alright but we were screaming, sometime we fight and you make me red as the sun then. You try to cool me down sometime it work sometime it don’t I’ll get sick and tired of your games.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Ah! Ha! Ah! Ha! Up out my face boy why didn’t I listen to my friends they say you were good for me. I didn’t listen to them and they were right yeahhh! Yeahhh! You’re not the one for me so that is why I’m not with you so I’m having fun so what up. All the ladies can you hear me if that man don’t love you there are two thing to do leave them or fight back. Then say have nice day.

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