T.F.O. Introduction by Big. O and Lil D

March 17, 2011
By Oumar BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
Oumar BRONZE, Erie, Pennsylvania
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Don’t ride a train; I’m just landing from my plane
So get out of my lane or your gonna be in a lot of pain
I rap so good, drive these people insane
Cause I’m the one to get elected and you are John McCain
Said my swag is official, I shine like a crystal,
I call the shots like the referee with a whistle
My flow gets better after school- hit dismissal
So if you want my autograph, I’ll initial
Cause I’m Big O coming with my flow
I rep. no one except T.F.O.
This is the introduction, we got the seduction
I rap so good I am not a robot, so I’ll never malfunction
I am stuntin’, I’m like Shaq when he dunking’
I’m not frontin’ so you can’t tell me anything’
It’s time so I am cuttin’
P.S. I just need four more rhymes
Four more lines right on time
If you want to be in T.F.O you got to rhyme, and if you can’t: access denied.

Lil’ Deesy just punched your dude, your whole crew is flinching, T.F.O. elected me, you’re just Hillary Clinton saliva, cause I’m spittin’
Own a house, you’re renting
Flows ice cold, better get your mittens
Said I lost my mind, it’s gone through space and time
It may not be in here but I’m still spittin’ rhymes
I ain’t gonna lie my mind is hard to find
My flow give you chills it tingles down your spine
Talking to my self like I don’t even have a conscience
T.F.O. calm, while everybody else obnoxious
You can’t buy me because I am very cautious
I could rap forever and I’ll never get exhausted
Staying on a mission
Rack ‘em like I’m fishing
TFO pres like signing petitions
Shooting never missing
Wash it and it glistens
T.F.O. rude, flame ‘em while they kissing
6’7 no 5 foot exactly
And if you don’t believe it than take a look at me
Think that I’m sad, no, correction
I’m happy, get under your skin might as well call me acne

People drinking yogurt like they sipping on some D’ Animals
T.F.O. ain’t humans, we be rapping like some animals
You think that you’re smart and you wanna go to Gannon
I could fix your life, get the tools I’ll go mechanical
Smarter than the smartest, farther than the farthest
I’m rich like an artist, you’re flow so retarded
My crew is so modest; your rappin’ is the oddest
Flow so good- amazing, astonished
T.F.O- we regional
I killed it, unbelievable
Flow so good, it’s seeable
Rep M.L.K like me and Moe rap my way to stardom
Fast like my team Harlem
Call a kid a rookie, who cares, start ‘em
Blessed like Jesus
Turn your flow into pieces
Flow like winter, cold when it freezes
Hopped out the car, got on to the jet
Everyone’s spazzin’ call that stuff turrets
Clap if you saw, always money in my wallet
Addicted to the rhymes: rap-alcoholic

Like Blake Griffin I jump over cars jump so high saw E.T.
Up in mars T.F.O. don’t get smaller, we just enlarge
Lil’ D might be the boss but I’ll soon be in charge
Big O, Lil’ D, Young Bo
T.F.O. now we welcome B-Gizzile our newest rapper to the floor
Now we got four our flow go hardcore
I can’t wait till we drop our first album in the store
T.F.O. will surely give you something to remember
We’ll have a holiday like the 25th of December
Write my raps long like a love letter
Cut my flow into pieces call it dismember
I’m like drake I want this forever
What makes this rap great is that we combine our parts together We come like hail in the stormy weather
‘X’ marks the spot and I found the treasure
I lost my mind can you help me find it
If you come without it I guess you need reminded
I don’t need it now ‘cause it ain’t stopping me from rhyming Cause I’m still bright like the sun when it’s shining

The author's comments:
This is our first rap of our group. There are two of us who wrote this rap.

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Carrie said...
on May. 14 2011 at 3:55 pm
I love, love, LOVE this rap! Good job boys! :)


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