Should've Been Me

April 7, 2011
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I loved you so much
Had a big crush
On you.
But I was scared
Didn’t know what to do.
Afraid of rejection,
This obsession,
No one had a clue.
Finally worked up the courage to tell you
And you broke broke my heart
When I saw you standing there
With her.
Your arm around her waist,
Her head on your shoulder,
That should’ve been me.

I ran out the door,
Followed by my friends,
Who didn’t know what was going on
But were there for me anyway.
You became the new topic,
Your relationship gossip
Surrounded me as I walked the halls.
And now I see you in class,
And she’s always with you,
And all I think is
That should’ve been me.

Gotta let go,
This pain of rejection,
Gotta find someone new,
But how can I replace you?

That should’ve been me,
I should’ve told you,
That was my mistake.
Now I sit here,
And wonder what would have happened,
If I had told you in the first place.

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