i Hate that i Love you

April 9, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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I hate it!
What do I hate?
This feeling, this trait
By the name of love
How I waste it on you

I hate it!
That I’m feeling blue
You have me in bed fussing
In class lusting
Even dreaming, if you will
Eyes shut or wide open
I’m fiending still
For a type of love potion
That will lock our lips again
A love potion that will
Place my hands on your skin
As I take your clothes off
Meanwhile you do the same
Reminding us that love isn’t lost

I hate it!
I don’t know what to do
You don’t really love me
Only if you knew
What’ll happen if you trust me
I’d pull your long dark hair
As I stroke you in motion
I’d give you a satisfied stare
Then release what would
Feel like an ocean
Of my hot sticky goo
All over your body as if it were
A vanilla scented lotion

I hate it!
The power you have over me
All you say is “I love you”
And you have total control of me
You can’t say my love isn’t true
Your words have a toll on me
But so does your kiss
If I ever kiss you again
They’ll need a stretcher to hold me
Because one kiss isn’t enough
I wouldn’t let you go
Your love put me through too much

I hate it!
I gave you a mile
You asked for a state
I gave you a diamond
You asked for a pearl
I gave you a smile
You asked if it was fake
I gave you my life
You asked for the world

I hate it!
You’re ignorant, and immoral
Also very unappreciative
I’m the best you ever had
And I still get ignored
But you tell him your secrets
Why do I love you?
Because you have a pretty face
Or is it a big old butt?
And if so I feel like an ass
My love is slowly going to waste

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