Do The Damn Thing!

April 9, 2011
Mama said knock you out
I feel like doing that
But that’s not what I’m about
It takes a lot more to learn
Than just a yell or slap
So we’ll try a different route

Miss let me talk for a second
Preach if you will
I’ve learned life’s lesson
And I want to pass the torch until

I see your spirit ignite
While you succeed
Your intellect glow bright
As you take the lead

From silly fools
That doubted you
In their ignorance
They’ll start to drool
When they see what you amounted to
And appreciate your significance

From girl to woman
In a few days
Taking responsibility
After you made a change

Helping those in need
As you once were
Without feeling greed
When these chances occur

Motivating your children
To be like their mother
Purposefully living
To help each other

So do your thing love
What are you waiting for?
Everybody gets snubbed
Or dissed and ignored

That doesn’t mean
You have to live like this
I want you on the scene
Where there happens to be bliss

Sure you don’t see it
And it seems out of sight
But I know and believe it
That you’ll be alright

So forget your friends
Hangouts and bad habits
You can adapt or make amends
Let me save you before this turns out tragic

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