Crisis: A Cry For Help

April 2, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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The love in my heart goes out
To the hungry children in drought
They seem to be without
Any hope, as they are strangled
And tangled by the clutches of
Life’s long and thick ropes

Japan is in a time of need
After the rumble of the earth
Causing a rising of the sea
An atrocity had been birthed
That flooded their city streets
Destroyed homes and roads
And swept away lives
After abruptly invading
The Japanese people’s abode

The love in my heart goes out
To the poor families in doubt
Residing in my motherland Africa
She seems to be losing her sons
Rebels uprising in the horizon
Negotiating with violence and guns
Children battling on the front line
When blood is drawn and one is gone
Mothers run to the corpse in tears
Thinking WOW that child was mine

Egypt, Libya, Yemen
Bahrain, Tunisia and Jordan
Have either rebelled
Or completed a revolution
Their people compelled
Harshly unjust rulers
To better themselves
And their children
In the upcoming future

The love in my heart goes out
When I think about
How children of the Middle East
Live in a war zone of poverty
Innocent women and children
Are still being raped and killed
Meanwhile we look the other way
We’re not on that battle field
Who cares if they live another day

Damn I feel bad for that guy
Living on a street corner
Shuffling through houses
But nobody wants him
Looked at as a bum
A f*** up that’s dumb
Living off change and leftovers
Which to us are crumbs
Some of us floss range rovers
Still living in the slums
Looking down upon him

People need to care more
Listen, help and share more
Because when you get on
Who will you be therefore?
Therefore in these times of
Poverty, Sickness and War
We’ll die if we don’t help
Due to the simple fact
That we can’t do
Everything by ourselves

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