Left Alone

March 30, 2011
By JakeShaw PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
JakeShaw PLATINUM, Atlanta, Georgia
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I trusted again but to what end?
You've left me all alone with so much to mend.
If I opened up and let you in, you swore it would be alright again.
You said at the end of the day there would still be no pain.
You lied to me though, cause now you're gone and the shadows are closing in. I feel this shallow pain drilling at my heart,
I know it'll be here every single day now that we're apart.
You keep asking, pleading because you don't get why my heart is bleeding.

I'd do anything just to clear the pain from my mind,
a simple numbing remedy would be a treasured find.
The memories in my dreams of those times we had,
The ones where you would just look at me and smile.
It's too bad they only lasted a little while.
That's just it, I don't get it! How could you just leave me so alone?
Holding the broken pieces of my heart in my hands because it's all that's truly mine to own.

So here I am looking at the past,
Wondering if this time, this pain, will be the last.
The worst part of it all is even through all the pain,
Even as my fears and tears pour down like rain.
I see your name pop up here and there, and your still so damn happy,
And I look at myself and I don't get why I feel so broken lost and shaken,
As I wait for the time my true self awakens.

NO more hiding or self pity, No! Those days are long since past.
So ask me again,Yes! This pain will be the last.
I'm standing back up, and pushing right through.
It's time to forget the memories of me and you.This is my life, it's my story so you can watch me walk away.
I'm moving past us and there is nothing left to say.
I see my silver lining as a new day dawns,
I'm a survivor, a fighter and I'll never be anyone's pawn.

The author's comments:
Everyone has had that break up where it feels like the other person is fine and you're falling apart. The pain piles up day after day until you finally say enough and walk away.

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