my suffering

March 29, 2011
By emodog BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
emodog BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
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Why am I suffering, does this pain still hurt me, will it last for eternity, ill clam insanity, for my agony, all my misery, let me be, ill finish it now, is this how it will end, my broken heart will not mend, my heart has broken and started to bend, I’ve looked into the demons eyes, I can take any demise the one thing I can’t take is your lies, finish me, kill me, I beg you end my misery end my suffering, you broke my heart you stabbed me with this knife that has evilly poisoned my life, finish me now, is this how it will end, my poisoned heart will not mend, you killed my heart but my hand ill still lend, finish the job, no matter what I will not cry this suffering I can’t comply and now this is goodbye.

The author's comments:
a way i felt and feel when my girlfriend broke up with me

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