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March 24, 2011
By nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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"A man's true strength is not measure by what he can move or lift, it is measured by an idomitable will, and an ever loving heart." -Gandhi

I don't know what I should do,
'cuz everything I did was for you.
I really want to win your love back,
But I can’t, cuz you left my heart with a crack.
You know I really miss it
But you say you do not want it,
But I can't live without it.
You say that's it, its over.
But I say, wait, hold on, let's start over.

Nobody ever will ever get me,
Even though I scream me on T.V.
Why didn't you hear me?
I think you did, you just lied to me
Even though you say you never lie,
stop it now I just wanna know why.
Did you think it would pass my eye?
I always knew that you lie
I just never knew it could make me cry

So now its all said and done,
I moved on and I'm having fun.
And now you see that you need me,
But now it's to late, so leave me be.
Cuz I found someone new,
And yes, she's better than you.
She's as beautiful as can be,
With a perfect face, and a sexy body.
You may know her, you may not,
But lemme tell you, she is hot.

You say you've changed
But my love for you is way out of range
so I don't really care,
Now please get outta my hair.
Just leave me alone
So I can go home.
Back to my piece of perfection,
Don't walk towards me,
go in a different direction
I'm sorry, but not really
Cuz u were wrong for me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this a couple months after I broke up with my girlfriend

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