Cuz Really?

March 24, 2011
By nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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"A man's true strength is not measure by what he can move or lift, it is measured by an idomitable will, and an ever loving heart." -Gandhi

Everyday I've been searching
For that certain something
In the end I'm still aching
Things better start changing
Cuz I can't keep going
I need something new
Cuz nothing has value
But then I saw you
And now you all I think about
My love for you makes me wanna shout
But really?

Who needs a wife? I just wanna live life
I wanna have fun under the summer sun
No one's gonna stop me, I'll be all I can be
But if we meet again, it won't be the same as then
Even though…


Who needs someone to hold? It's barely getting cold
The world around us is dying, but baby, I'm still flying
I'm sorry but I hope you know, that I gotta go
There's leaves to rake, and a pie to bake
I'm like the leaves on the trees
And what we had, is like my dad
Long gone


Who needs a lady? I've been feeling pretty good lately
Cuz I got nowhere to go, so I'll just shovel the snow
You're to late, I'm ready to hibernate
You say it's too cold, I need someone to hold
I say, I'm done with this crazy game, I fold


Who needs a girlfriend? The winter's coming to an end,
Just like us, ya see? There's your bus
It's time for you to leave, here take a flower
I got some eggs to color before the May showers
I've been given new life, and in it, you aren't my wife


Bottom line… it's the end of the line
Cuz its not possible… to see how we're compatible
Cuz in the summer you're a bummer
Cuz in the fall you never call
Cuz in the winter you're like a splinter
Cuz in the spring we don't do anything
Why are you still here? It's over my dear
Haven't I made it clear? I don't want you near

The author's comments:
all of my songs have something to do with something that happened to me. I wrote this after i broke up with my girlfriend after six months

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